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Getting Around Fort Lauderdale

Like many cities in the United States, Fort Lauderdale is most easily navigated via a car. The city is quite sprawling and public transportation is not the best, so visitors will be happiest if they have a car to get around. All of the main national car rental companies as well as many regional ones have a presence at the airport. However, it can save some money to contact a car rental company in town. They offer substantially cheaper rates than the car rental companies at the airport, and they will send someone to pick visitors up at the airport. If the car does not come with some form of GPS navigation, then drivers will need to pick up a good road map of the city. It can be hard to navigate around the city without one.

Broward County Transit operates the buses in Fort Lauderdale. These buses are notoriously slow and infrequent, so getting around the city can take hours via the bus. However, the buses do offer free transfers to the Miami and Palm Beach bus services.

The Sun Trolley services downtown, the beach and the convention center. It also runs a line to the train station. This is a fun way for visitors to get around between the main tourist areas of Fort Lauderdale. It is fairly cheap and also very quick.

The Tri-Rail train service is mainly a commuter train line. It runs along I-95 between the cities of West Palm Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The trains are notorious for running late, sometimes as much as an hour late.

Tourists who enjoy the scenic route will quite like taking a ride on the Water Bus. This transportation service has eleven stops along the waterfront. It is a slow ride that offers great views of the city from the water.

This is one of the most popular ways to get around Fort Lauderdale. Since this is Florida, the weather is conducive to bike riding all year long. It is also a pretty quick bike ride to get between the major tourist areas of Fort Lauderdale. It only takes about twenty minutes to ride between downtown and the beach, so it makes sense to rent or buy a bike while staying in the city. Most of the major roads in town have bike lanes, and the majority of drivers are very courteous to bike riders.

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